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High performance window films are made of polyester with strength one third as strong as steel. It adheres to windows like a later of safety glass, preventing glass from shattering and adds protection against stone throwers and hijackers, safeguarding your possessions and your life.
Sun Protection
Stops your car upholstery and carpeting from fading by reducing ultra violet rays by 99% . It also prevents dashboards from cracking.
Prevents heat from entering through your car windows by as much as 60%. It reduces inside temperature and gives you more privacy. Improve your car appearance with a custom look. Filters 70% of the sun’s glare and is optically clear and distortion free.
Window film keeps your car cool, you less air conditioning which equals less fuel consumption and saves money. Excellent proposition for company fleets. Is available in scratch resistant finishes, range of different colours, clears, or tinted.