Tracker SA - Protect Unit (***R179 P/M x36 months)

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Tracker Protect
Always in Control

Tracker Protect wants you to explore more. When you’re in control, it’s easier to make plans. All those forgotten adventures you said you’d take? You are free to realise them with the peace of mind that we're with you, helping you monitor the safety of your vehicle. You have freedom of the road with Tracker Protect.

Tracker Protect is a proactive way to take care of yourself and your loved ones by allowing you to personally track and monitor your vehicle anywhere within South Africa’s borders. You have the added advantage that Tracker's Monitoring Control Centre will proactively engage with you should your Tracker device register movement of your vehicle without your Driver Vehicle Tag being detected. Save valuable time in the event of an emergency with this early notification system.

The precise whereabouts of your vehicle will always be just a couple of clicks away via Tracker’s smartphone application. You are also able to set up notifications like In App Car Guard and Movement Notifications via the Tracker Connect Application. 

Tracker’s device will monitor your vehicle and send you notifications on Standard Risk events like main battery disconnect, border and high risk areas.

We want to make sure you’re cared for when you’re on the road, in every way possible and that’s why you also have access to a Trip Logbook for tax purposes and the convenience of licence reminders.

Tracker Protect is suitable for all vehicles and is recognised by motor manufacturers and major insurers.